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“Rilian” by Thomas Lee Johnson

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Florida-based guitarist and musician Thomas Lee Johnson delivers a soul-reaching performance with the single, “Rilian” off of his “Royal Dance” album. A genuinely heartfelt performance, this track is meant to provide solace to all those grappling with uncertainties in life, would wish to return to the innocence and vibrancy of the youth, the memories they shared before adulthood happened and they lost the very same friends and loved ones.

This is a soul-stirring performance to give you solace and remind you that you are not alone in your struggles. As a guitarist, he infuses the song with striking guitar techniques, spreading delightful melodies. His voice that is so pure and refreshing breathes life soulfully and as the song progresses, more depth is added with some drums, bass, and other distinct components making for such a heartwarming listening experience.

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