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Los Angeles-Based Rapper and Songwriter Rexoxo Pulls up With a Certified Anthem Dubbed, “Disturbing the Peace”

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As someone who is poised to exude his diverse craftsmanship on every project that he lays his hands on, Los Angeles based rapper and songwriter RexoXo has undeniably made a mark on so many listeners’ souls with that performance in “Disturbing the Peace” which has enabled him to build up a weighty fan base, gaining him a lot of traction in industry circles. His delivery here introduces an original artist following his own path and not conceding to any trend. Strap in and enjoy the ride as you enjoy rhymes that come out of vintage lunchboxes, melded with unexpected cadences, and set against a producer’s hyperreal interpretations of what a beat should be and is!

It is the straightforward complexity in the delivery in, “Disturbing the Peace” as well as the explicit verbal contortions that will have you reeled in from the minute RexoXo starts spitting all the way to the last bit!

At times, RexoXo’s unorthodox and outside-the-box aesthetic will have the beats chasing after him and not the other way around. Delivering some thought-provoking and sometimes near witty bars over the menacing trap production, RexoXo exhibits a hybrid rap flow with a bold bravado and melodic flow, blazing the mic with a cutting-edge level of unbridled authenticity!

The pristine production in “Disturbing the Peace” maintains the core hip hop trap sound with its booming bassline, low end 808s, trippy synths, and dutiful drums beating through your chest and interfering with the normal heartbeat!

Each time he returns to the chorus,

“Disturbing the peace people are looking at me

I know what you see,

Young and handsome that’s the anthem

Put Your hands up, no I didn’t say freeze”, it’s a moment to behold that triggers some memories that stay with you for as long as they can—it’s a déjà vu kind of feeling that you really can’t explain and really underscores the haunting impact of this authentic banger!

Already streaming on some of your favorite platforms, I believe it’s about time you became acquainted with this blazing body of work from one of the game’s truest acts. Follow the attached link and start a lifelong love affair with this new banger!

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