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Hip-Hop Purist PIVE Delivers a Profoundly Touching Performance in “Real Ones”

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Every time you hear the name PIVE, you most probably think about, “I Will Forever Be”—the debut album that catapulted him to success and earned him critical praise from a global section of hip-hop music fanatics who couldn’t believe the magic they were experiencing from someone whose trill words, tonality, command, and stellar stage presence pointed to a legend in the making. Taking the rap game by storm, PIVE’s deliverability has always been smooth, uncompromising, and poetic, as well as unique. His ability to paint life in vivid detail and express his emotion thought or perception is what makes his music intriguing as well as masterful. With a strong desire to make music he loves, he has continued to improve his ability at all levels of rapping, and that makes him our MVP today!

Proving to be the master of his own craft, PIVE delivers a performance that is equal parts emotional and inspiring in his “Real Ones” single. Displaying himself as a true wordsmith with a no-frills approach, he gains a listener’s attention by using his pain, sadness, and reminiscence to implement his creativity in this authentic masterpiece.

The raw emotions in his voice mean that this track is indeed more personal to him as he takes a listener through a web of thoughts about all the ‘real ones’ that he grew up with—some of whom are long gone now and some who are still struggling and pushing.

Coming through with some thought-inspiring bars in between that powerful chorus, you can feel his dedication to wanting the listener to develop their own personal relationship with the lyrics. As someone who acknowledges attention to detail, I love how the track is balanced between moments of blazing instrumentation and a more mellow, laid-back rhythm with a beautifully haunting piano that accompanies it throughout!

The music video is equally inspiring and the best compliment to the track’s lyrical narrative, both in storyline and symbolism: it features real images of people he grew up with as he gives an ode to the memories he shared with all of them, which will never be forgotten!

A deeply emotional and inspirational masterpiece that encourages anyone to keep pushing, fighting, and moving, I have a feeling that you’ll like what has been served here!

To find out; follow the attached link, subscribe to PIVE’s YouTube channel, like this masterpiece, and add it to your library!



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