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Tokyo-Based Music Composer and Songwriter Picardy Third Soothes Your Soul and Warms Your Heart With “Can’t You See”

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Picardy Third is a phenomenally gifted Tokyo-based composer and songwriter, with a career that has spanned almost a decade. Her broad lyrical and songwriting scope, backed by compositional dexterity, ensures she consistently delivers new and fresh music. A woman of undeniable skill and talent, Picardy Third combines unique melodies, versatile music, empowering messages, and a keen ear for sound in her exceptional artistry, Picardy Third is destined to flourish as an innovative artistic powerhouse. Her mission is clear as day: entertain, educate, and empower!

“Can’t you see” is one of those compositions that leave you greatly inspired and uplifted thanks to its mellow and healing feel that is exuded from that seamless blend of rhythm and melody.

The mellifluent guitar has a strong presence over this soundscape and gently cascades with quite an irresistible allure, taking the listener to a tranquil space where their hearts are warmed and their souls soothed.

The tender grooves and lenient rhythm provide a solid foundation for the divine vocals, which thrive over this dulcet arrangement; their ethereal feel is bound to leave a lasting impact on the heart and soul of its listener.

This is a beautifully haunting exploration of sound and emotion; its gentle feel allows a listener that feeling of relaxation, making this song the best to study to or even meditate to.

Picardy Third is gearing up for the release of her new Piano EP, which is scheduled for November 20, 2023.

For now, listeners would be wise to experience this sweet-sounding music that is guaranteed to arouse your appetite for more of the same…worry not because there is more where this candid masterpiece comes from.

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