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Upcoming Vocalist Payton Has a New Breathtakingly Rich and Phenomenally Emotional Single, “Letter to My Ex”

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Payton Letter to My Ex

Payton is a Washington-based independent R&B artist that creates songs for every emotional occasion when the paint in her head won’t dry. With a stylistic influence from the early 2000s and 2010s and a dreamy sound, her place in the R&B scene makes her a qualified act. She has a unique voice that is soul-touching and she likes her music to mirror the everyday emotions and feelings that we interact with; talks about love, heartbreak, toxic relationships, mental health, and other sensitive life events. This is impactful R&B music at its best. She not only wants to entertain but seeks to fashion a therapeutic world in melody where listeners can literally stream in their numbers and lose their emotions and find solace in the deeply relatable tunes.

She has an aesthetically performed and alluring new single titled, “Letter to my ex”- with its propulsive cadence, expansive soundscape, and soothing nostalgic vocals that feel Mariah Carey-like, this track serves as a place for listeners to let out their untold emotions regarding someone they once loved but who in the end broke their hearts!

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Making a smooth and silky grand entrance, the pleasant keyboard touch registers with the heart and soul instantaneously. Artistically building up, the tune collects some magical synths along the way and some hypnotic percussions right before Payton breathes life into the melody with her soulful vocals that fly over the warm melodies, enveloping a listener with a sense of emotionality and truth in a relatable way.

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The pleasure is added further where the deep-phased bass blend with the other instruments and drums to engineer a club-like flavored R&B tune with her strong vocals smoothly ebbing and flowing to the rhythm of the melody in magical ways; Payton transcends emotions and genre barriers, elevating her performance to a level that the listener has always longed for. This powerful tune entices you from start to finish and demands some repeated listening experience as you savor its lavish melodicism!

Prepare for a nostalgic ride down memory lane as the tune transports you to the moment you first realized your ex did you dirty. Her earnest tone brings life to the overall message.



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