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The 9th Dimension of Music Stars O Z and BAKES Take You on a Spin With Their Club-Inspired Banger, “Hippies in the Hallway”

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The incontestable duo of O Z and BAKES has something dynamically unique as they come through with what they call the ninth dimension of music. This flawless style of music blends the house EDM music with rap flows to design a dedicated sound with near-universal appeal.  O Z is a dance music producer and DJ who has built a firm reputation around his stupendous innovation in numerous electronic dance styles- from techno house, future house, and progressive house to tropical house. There is no limit to the type of sound he can experiment on with the results always coming out with remarkable excellence.

BAKES on the other hand is a lyrical genius who transforms easy phrases into rap flows of his own. He brings fresh and original bars on any type of beat and has the ability to astonish any listener with his on-the-spot lyrical inventions. The two have been working together to bring rhapsody and thrill by blending two of the most popular musical styles into one complete body of art!

I don’t know if it is just me but the track, “Hippies in the Hallway” gives me some nostalgic memories that are very familiar- more like I’d had this version in my past life! This tech house EDM thriller has a club feel to it and a warm tropical thrill that is so captivating. You could listen to it all day long without getting bored.

The fusion of those tremendously transcending beats with the vocal drops is a magical artistic proficiency on its own. The way BAKES just bellows some pulling flows that match the cadence of the beats, taking in their form is so captivating. This track is a feel-good type of club banger that can be best enjoyed when you are feeling high on some weed or anything that gets you high. The title phrase, “Hippies in the Hallway” makes for a brilliant hook, one that stays with the listener for an extended period of time after the track is over.

Overall, “Hippies in the Hallway” is an outstanding track, and one that serves as a sort of delightful time capsule, both for the artists and the listeners!

Follow the attached link to stream this track and while at it, get up and dance with youthful ambition!

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