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Israel Based Producer and Recording Artist Or Golan Is Back With Another Masterpiece Dubbed, “Havagabond”

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Or Golan Havagabond

Or Golan is a 24-year-old producer and artist who hails from Israel. He is more than just a name, more than a statement, it is a brand and he is inspired to produce with how we all feel intoxicated by the world and need healing for our minds- his sound is therapeutic and speaks out on our emotions on our behalf. By fusing the grandiose of the electronic sound, Or Golan has been able to engineer a unique perspective to his overall sound and that is why his deservedly acclaimed single, “I am Greedy” for example was able to sell over 200 K copies and received positive reviews from magazines and massive airplay on radios globally!

Having taken time to let all that success sink in, he is now back with another quality production titled, “Havagabond”- a very special and emotionally pulling tune that reflects the world of loners who are really comfortable in just being alone and would not change their nature no matter what. Delivered from a lonely person’s point of view, this track carries such depth of sad emotions that contrast brilliantly with the powerfully induced EDM soundscape.

“Havagabond” has a very strong and consistently haunting electronic percussion that is very cinematic and somehow fierce from the intro all the way to the outro. This is the kind of melody that you’d best be advised to listen via the headphones and feel its impact multiply tenfold!

I love the way the arrangement is set to tell a tale and you will be drawn in and left to ponder with the imagination from your own thoughts which is very magical and affords you that freedom of meditation in emotional honesty.

“Havagabond” is everything special and unique and I’m so honored to have reviewed such a masterpiece which I feel will be massively appreciated by its global listeners- kudos to an impeccable job done!


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