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Reclaiming Her Throne Back as the Queen of Dazzling R&B, Nonye Toria Is Back on the Fold With a Tantalizing Brand New Release “My Sister”

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Nonye Toria My Sister

The charm, the charisma, the Goosebumps and the thrill is what you get when Nigerian singer-songwriter Nonye Toria hits the studio – for she does not leave any emotion to spare. Her delicious and staggeringly rich voice is worthy of an Oscar performance cutting right through her sounds in a Beyoncé-like mystique! She needs no introduction for it was not long ago she made waves and industrial trembling world order sounds with the release of her “Falling Angel EP” and the track “Paper Loving Remix” has amassed more than 2.1 M streams. And now taking center stage like a goddess, her refreshing and mesmerizing vocals are a glorious highlight to this new single “My Sister” as she breathes charming life into the narrative and delivers powerful lines detailing the love, appreciation and exceedingly touching reverence to her sister. And this track can go a long way as an appreciation to the real ones, family or not who have always gone out of their way to hold it down for those that they love. It is a track to all true friends and family out there who deserve to know that no matter what, they are always appreciated.

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This is an exceptionally triumphant single that makes its mark time and time again. The track opens to the tangling smiting guitar melody and armed with all the trademark sounds of classic R&B music,  Nonye Toria wastes no time in making her mark, delivering a stellar vocal performance that emerges from the captivating sounds of the atmospheric synths, booming 808’s and crisp hats that have been shaped by employing creative sound design techniques and expert production artistry on “My Sister” giving it an alluring contemporary sound that modern and even the old R&B audiences will without a doubt enjoy.

This is a solid mix and an outstanding production even in the way they let it slap with the bass and the catchy hooks “I Love you sister” are the capstone of this well-crafted song and fans across the board who appreciate a more mindful and artisanal touch will be entertained to the core. Nice tonal balance and the drums have a solid punch blended with the mesmeric synths with the hats sound intriguing and crispy without being overpowering. This is the epitome of authentic production and delivery brilliance. “My Sister” is available on the web’s best digital music streaming services and listeners should check it out to experience the universe ‘Nonya Toria’ – a universe beyond our thoughts that is banging with glamorous reality!

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