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Internationally Acclaimed Israeli Drummer Noa Kahn’s Live Performance in “Bless Nature” Is the Epitome of Precision and Technique!

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If you are still not yet familiar with her game, you need to keep up because it is winning matches left, right, and center. Noa Kahn is the touring drummer and arranger who has got the world talking; the critics are speaking in hushed tones as they go back to the drawing board to try and see if they can usurp her, but with the way things are going, that seems less likely! Riding on the wave of bulging momentum her media presence and performances have generated, Noa Kahn is a massive maverick blazing an inevitable trail. The earlier you warm up to her, the better!

While the world is kept busy, vigorously searching for the ingredients behind her drumming proficiency, Noa Kahn has been busy pouncing on her inspirations to create melodies with near-universal appeal; this time, she came up with a melody that she felt resembled nature, and that is how the live performance for “Bless Nature” came to be!

Harmonizing it and later arranging it for a full band, Kahn undeniably breathes this groove. This performance right here is as smooth as butter; it fits right in the pocket, is super tight and squeaky clean and solid, and is simply beyond stellar!

The fills are absolutely stunning and groovy; her way around the snare drum, the tom-toms, kick drums, and hi-hat cymbals is matchless; she is so perfect, I am convinced she cannot make any wrong move. And it’s not just about the effortless hitting, even though it counts for something; it’s also about that perfect synchronization with other harmonies and melodies, like, for example, in this case, the way her performances are just in perfect sync with the saxophone.

Everything that comes out of here feels so sexy, smooth, and bright. I know her performance was received with warm applause, and now I am mobilizing my readers to give another approving loud applause in 3,2,1…(that really rang, didn’t it!)

To experience her performance live, follow the attached Bandcamp link and just enjoy the show!

Bless Nature (Live) | Noa Kahn (

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