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“Never leaving the city (alive)” by Depression Expression

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In the bustling streets of Chicago, a musical storyteller emerges from the shadows, bearing tales of love, loss, and the human spirit. Meet Depression Expression, an indie folk-rooted singer-songwriter whose latest release, “Never leaving the city (alive),” dives deep into the heart of the Windy City and the complexities of mental illness and queer love. Since 2016, Depression Expression has been carving out a niche for themselves in the music world, using their art to shine a light on the struggles and triumphs that define the human experience.

With “Never leaving the city (alive),” Depression Expression invites listeners on a journey through the streets of Chicago and the inner workings of the soul. From the haunting melodies to the poignant lyrics, this song is a testament to the power of music to heal and connect. So, take a moment to listen, to truly immerse yourself in the beauty and the pain of Depression Expression’s world. Because in a world filled with noise, their voice stands out as a beacon of hope and understanding. Experience the magic of “Never leaving the city (alive)” today and let Depression Expression’s music remind you that you’re never alone in your struggles.

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