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Memphis-Based Hip Hop Artist Nero Glace’s “Sneaky Link” (Featuring Hp Debo) Is Nothing Short of a Smash Hit!

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Nero Glace is a first-class emcee who tries to balance substance and musical appeal. Making his name on the streets of Memphis, TN, where he grew up, Glace has been establishing himself in the south coast’s saturated rap landscape. His dedication and zeal have made him respected among his peers as well as key industry players. Glace is proof that once you get the ball rolling for your passion, it won’t stop spinning!

Nero Glace’s expression is a product of experience. Whether he is spitting bars about diamonds on his grill or simply dropping some rapid-fire freestyle rhymes for the sake of it, Glace always brings his A-game.

“Sneaky Link” is the third joint effort by Glace and Hp Debo and a certified Smash project as well. These two have developed such a genuine chemistry between them that it feels indestructible at this point.

“Sneaky Link” is a bona fide standout, with Glace and Depo packing a powerful punch with hard-hitting bars and smart, unmatched wordplay, plus that irrefutably tasteful chorus sucking you in and making you feel intoxicated.

Building on aggressive flows as he explores the depth of those bouncing beats, Depo delivers a memorable performance that complements the tune’s topic sensationally.

Nero Glace smoothly surfs on the beats with some thought-provoking rhymes and punchlines to engineer a catchy, braggadocio track that’s sure to get any party started. On the surface, “Sneaky Link” is a banger to get you amped up; it’s a song to vibe to on days you’re feeling yourself.

“Sneaky Link” is also a special male anthem that gives an ode to that masculinity to take charge of relationships and be in a position where you cannot be taken advantage of or a situation used against you because you have it under control.

“Sneaky Link” is a straight hit anthem that is going to be on heavy rotation everywhere thanks to that headline-grabbing performance by both Glace and Depo.

To experience what the hype is all about; follow the attached link and let “Sneaky Link” find its way to your favorite playlist.

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