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Get Ready to “Rinse & Repeat” as Virtuosic Producer and Composer Neel Dani Leaves an Indelible Print With His Artistic Prowess!

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Neel Dani Rinse and Repeat

Canadian-based multi-genre and multi-instrumentalist artist and producer Neel Dani is a formidable talent whose time to shine has come. He has a signature warmth and power about the type of sound he has been designing. His impressive catalog is enough proof that Dani is inimitably brimming over with well-crafted melodies which are a diverse mixture of transcendental modern and vintage genres such as pop, rock, R&B, blues, funk, and others. He pairs this with some catchy lyrics and an arresting voice which is in equal parts velvet and cognac.  Everything about him backs the likelihood that Dani is destined to become a household name that music fans of all varieties can depend upon to deliver quality music and memorable performances.

In today’s often difficult, restless and fraught times, his hit summer anthem, “Rinse & Repeat” takes us on a thrilling and elatedly exhilarating journey to a universe where bliss abounds and possibilities are limitless. This track right here is the mark of accomplished songwriting, performance and stupendous production. His captivating male vocals fly over the rapturous instrumentation that has its foundation in multiple structures from rock, pop, and blues to articulate an extensive and danceable quality track that you can listen to over and over again without getting bored.

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All hands on deck, Dani really does put his heart and soul into this performance and delivers a ‘feel-good’ and fascinatingly exhilarating listening experience that you simply can’t afford to hate. This is a joyous record made with unconditional love and passion and makes for the record of the summer. No song will eclipse this one that I can confidently declare!

With the thrill of the flamboyant instruments hitting you all in the right nerves and the backing vocals doing the most to engage you; then there is nothing more to look forward to. This has to be your favorite summer anthem.

Take some time to become acquainted with this imposing track by following the attached link and I can assure you at the end of your listening experience, you’ll be glad someone recommended this remarkable tune to you!


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