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“My Hands” by Sofie Demi

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Sofie Demi, a young and prodigious singer-songwriter from Istanbul, has a knack for turning her spontaneous inspirations into musical gems. Picture this: on a random summer evening, Sofie sits down with her guitar, and almost magically, “My Hands” is born, capturing the essence of happiness and discovery in its rawest form. Known for her soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics, Sofie has been enchanting audiences since she started writing songs at the age of 12. Her latest track, “My Hands,” is an evocative rock anthem that seamlessly blends themes of love, joy, and self-discovery, showcasing her ability to channel profound emotions into her music.

Don’t miss out on experiencing Sofie’s incredible journey through her music. Dive into “My Hands” and let her captivating melodies and poignant lyrics take you on a ride of emotional introspection and uplifting energy. Stream “My Hands” on your favorite platform, and be sure to explore the rest of her discography for more of her unique sound. Join Sofie Demi’s growing community of listeners and let her music become a part of your own story of happiness and discovery.

Connect with Sofie Demi on Instagram: Sofie Demi 

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