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Female Artist Mo Nicole Set to Official Unveil Her Full Length Debut Project Dubbed, “Stoop Lyfe” on 2nd December 2022

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It’s about that damn time that the world got to experience lyrical greatness from a second generation femcee who is at the top of her game; Mo Nicole is the name ladies and gentlemen and this lyrist right here epitomizes the future of female rap. Raised in Wilmington, her love for music was fed at a young age which saw her consume tonnes and tonnes of Notorious B.I.G.’s and Michael Jackson’s music fueling her passion for the hip hop sound. Her mom was also a renowned lyrist back in her time going by “Butta.” She of course mentored her the best way possible and that is why we are talking of a distinguished female lyrist who is about to take over the rap world in style and fashion!

Mo Nicole has been rapping for over 10 years which has seen her get better and better and headline numerous events and shows that many artists could only dream of. She has continued to evolve her femcee brand all the while pushing her own artistic limits so as to keep reaching new audiences and help make it cool for female rappers to be who they are and represent themselves and not really represent what they think hip hop is. She is giving voice to the upcoming and yet-to-be-born female lyrists by showcasing that they is room for every story of hip hop as you are able to articulate it- such a role model!

She is now set to officially release her full-length debut project titled, “Stoop Lyfe” come the 2nd of December 2022. This is a 20-track masterpiece collection that has some very powerful anthems coated with the depth of wisdom as she unleashes her lyrically dexterous side that is indisputably unmatched.

You will interact with tracks like, “Right Now” that will have you belly bumping and head bopping from the first minute. This tune has an underground feel to it and while Mo Nicole might not be pregnant she certainly delivers in her creative verses.

“Mona Dona” is a lyrical demonstration and a straight raw favorite tune. In here she details why she is not swallowing her pride, instead choosing to spit it right on her haters faces with clever blend of intricate, hard-hitting bars and witful wordplay. This is one memorable performance and listeners who dig deep sh*t are in for the treat of their lives!

Unleashing lyrical KO punches in, “GSP”, Mo Nicole proves beyond reasonable doubt why she is a big stepper with rhyme scheme-flavored bars over the blazing hip hop beats that bring together powerful basslines, vintage synths, vibrant drums, and the sound design spectacle of the 808’s.

In “Two Toned” she features fellow lyrists Blvck Slabb, Bob DeNiro, and Peter Bandz. This track sees the gang explore the overarching themes of street life and hustling over luxury-sounding production that is hedonistic, to say the least!

Containing guest verses from one of the most mythical and elusive characters, “Big Fish” sees Mo Nicole bring on the table Kitty Monroee as they go on to deliver another nostalgic, sample-driven beat as they operate on a back-and-forth verse interplay!

“Zip Codes” featuring Peter Bandz sees Mo Nicole opening with a verse full of tongue-twisting anecdotes before handing the baton to the great Bandz to continue the track’s ebb and flow with his unmistakable gravel tone.

“But I Do”  sees Mo Nicole deliver trademark verses as she tip-toes over the slightly nostalgic production that is accompanied by a chilling piano loop underpinned by stabbing bass notes as Nicole continues delivering a nonstop onslaught of bars over the soaring production.

There is so much more for hip-hop fanatics to overindulge in from this collection and I for once cannot keep calm until the collection drops. I have been studying screaming tutorials on YouTube in preparation for the same!

Patience is key and to any authentic hip hop lover out there, all I can say is that the future looks very bright on Mo Nicole’s side as she brings that real rap as we remember it. Follow her everywhere so as to receive real-time updates on her upcoming projects!



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