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Koser is Philadelphia’s freshest talent in town, a quintet doing the most and coming up with music they wished existed more. The single “MiNT” off of their debut album, “loudmouth soup” encapsulates their genre-blending personality. They bring a bit of everything and amplify that with Kora’s heavenly vocals.

Such guitar and drum virtuosity is showcased from the get-go, inviting you as Kora breathes life with her immensely expressive voice. To highlight its extensive appeal, there is that harmonica added to the mix, adding elegance, the electric guitars add that rock depth, the bass drive the rhythm forward, the powerful drums spread the energy and Kara’s angelic vocals create emotional resonance. The catchy, infectious hooks make this an irresistible anthem you’d want as part of your favorite playlist!

Connect with KOSER on Instagram @K O S E R 

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