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International Jamaican Songstress MG Ross’ Single “Lately” Has a Universal Appeal That Reaches the Core of Emotional Satisfaction.

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With a successful career spanning over a decade, MG Ross has consistently demonstrated her prowess in the music industry with her masterpieces. She has amassed a global fan base who appreciate her raw, honest, and vulnerable music, ardently following her career journey. She is an artist whose experience and dedication to the craft ensure each song is treated with authenticity, support, and sensitivity. With an eclectic signature sound that explores reggae, dancehall, hip hop, rap, and R&B with equal dexterity, she is firmly in a league of her own, and just like wine, she has been getting better with age.

From what I know, a good song can paint pictures and images in your mind, but what’s more, a great song can connect us with our humanity and our feelings, and that is why I found MG Ross’ “Lately” to be deeply aesthetic.

The way she just approaches this song with sincerity and heartfelt conviction, immersing herself in the lyrics and ultimately drawing the listener in with her, is quite special and really allows the listener to find their place and relatability within the lyrics.

Set against a rich, soulful R&B soundscape with afrobeat influences, ‘Lately’ explores the universal themes of pursuing dreams, and the accompanying hope and uncertainty. In her unique way, Ross encourages listeners to keep pushing, to keep moving despite the challenges and stumbling blocks along the way…assuring that one day, all the sacrifice, hard work, and resilience will be worth it.

In this masterpiece, MG Ross blends R&B and afrobeat sounds with a unique form of lyrical expression. The track has also been supplemented by a crisp, clean, and simple music video that perfectly fits the track’s essence, narrative, and feel.

MG Ross’ impressive accomplishments bear testament to her dedication and passion in creating timeless music, continually forging her unique path and leaving her indelible mark in the reggae, dancehall, hip-hop/rap, and R&B genres.

To immerse yourself in this authentic masterpiece, follow the attached link, subscribe to MG Ross’ YouTube channel, like the music video, leave a comment below it, and let this track find its way into your playlist.

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