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Mélanique’s Latest Offering, “Runnin’ with It (All Mine),” Is a Gold Mine of Absolute Catchiness and Upbeat Eclectic Brilliance!

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MÉLANIQUE’s identity and sound have been shaped by her island culture, family, and rich life experiences. Her goal is to make music that tells stories that everyone can relate to, whether you live in a big city, the country, or suburbia. Her songs tell relatable stories about love, heartbreak, commitment, change, ordeals, and adventures. In essence, MÉLANIQUE desires her music to be the soundtrack of listeners’ lives. She wears her heart on her sleeve when writing her songs and doesn’t hold back from expressing her thoughts and feelings. Music has always been a creative outlet for her, ever since she was young, harmonizing with her grandfather and fueling her passion by delving deep into songwriting and vocal training, honing her skills one day at a time!

Creating magnetic pulses of music, MÉLANIQUE’s latest jam “RUNNIN’ WITH IT (ALL MINE)” proves the sensitivity in her unfiltered lyrics about the nerve-wracking realities of yearning for someone.

The song’s beat is catchy and upbeat, but MÉLANIQUE’s lyrics are what really make it stand out. Her words are raw, honest, and relatable, perfectly capturing the strong emotions of intimacy and desire.

With this track, anyone can give it a listen and feel like it’s the perfect pick-me-up for those love-sick, achy feelings.

This track resonates with its hauntingly mesmerizing vocals and lively beats that punch straight to the heart of anyone who listens to it.

Putting a refreshing twist to this song while staying true to her original sound, MÉLANIQUE creates something with broad appeal…fans of R&B, pop and afrobeats will definitely enjoy what she offers here.

The accompanying music video is just as powerful as the song itself. Shot in bright, expansive landscapes throughout the Bahamas, it complements the themes highlighted by the song itself and takes the overall message to a new and higher level.

Riddled with a catchy hook, powerful licks, and relatable lyrics, “RUNNIN’ WITH IT (ALL MINE)” is the perfect addition to any music playlist.

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