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Experience Greatness Personified as Melanie Medina Shares Her Latest Song, “Propeller Hat” With the World

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 Melanie Medina Propeller Hat

She is an all-in-one‘ magic personified’ with her many talents; she is a teacher, composer, arranger, singer-songwriter and plays the bass, guitar, piano, and ukulele drums all in epic fashion. And now she comes to us with an alternative sound that has combined the elements of Indie rock and Pop medley to create a sumptuous melody, ‘Propeller Hat”. She manages to imbue the single with a sense of heartbroken remorse right from the beginning singing, “This thing, love unconditional, turned out entirely fictional, and we’re too old to sit around crying about what could’ve been.” The power she exhibits in her delivery brings that nostalgic, splashy indie style as she continues to perform the high-quality content in an emotional and confident vocality expressing certain sterility to her voice that makes you want to listen to more of her singing.

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The focus on the melodies and catchy hooks and the chorus that contrasts melodically, rhythmically, and harmonically with the verse is literally the embodiment of music that charges through her like an electric current. She mediates this song through every means at her disposal, her mellifluous voice, her ability to integrate the guitar, bass, soaring chorus, and ukulele to make virtuosic rhythms and rich harmonies. The layers of detail in the song’s lyrics, the range of subject matter, the spectrum of moods and textures are simply astounding.

The way she stretches and accents her words, her expressive voice moving gravelly to smooth and sublime and passionate tonality is a thing of unstained beauty that cannot be described by words alone. This track has a global appeal that reaches the core of emotional satisfaction. Melanie’s vocal performance brilliantly conveys the song’s theme as her expressive delivery vividly projects the range of emotions that are associated with a love that was never meant to be.

The delicate and delightful smoothened out tone, hypnotic harmonies pouring from the ukulele intimately by her surprising lead singing summarizes this endearing track, and all listeners are highly advised to seek its melodic allure for I can confirm that it is indeed the best cure for the heart as well as the perfect nourishment for the soul.


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