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Award-winning jazz and soul vocalist Mavis Swan Poole is set to release her new single “Every Man Ain’t the Same”

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Mavis Swan Poole is not just a musician but a crooner and magician of melodies, whose exceptional talent brings a super unique dimension to her eclectic sound, adding rich, soulful, and incredible vocal ranges that have the power to move mountains. She is not just a performer but a storyteller who tugs at listeners’ heartstrings with her raw and organic storytelling style. Her artistry and authenticity have been instrumental not only in shaping her sound but also in shaping the boundaries of her extensive genre. And let’s talk about her impressive musical resume; she has shared the stage with legends like Lauryn Hill, 9th Wonder, PRINCE and NPG, Dr. Billy Taylor, and Gladys Knight, just to name a few. Her award-winning accolades are a testament to her versatility and depth, and working with iconic musicians and creators has not only honed her craft but also enriched her with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

And she strikes again with a new masterpiece dubbed “Every Man Ain’t the Same” that she is set to release. Once it drops, this song is guaranteed to flip the jazz-soul-R&B music industry on its head, as a radio-ready ballad by any measure of the word.

She took elements of jazz and soul and rounded it with R&B to come up with a fully realized tune that cannot be denied by its listener. It is delicious, catchy, and memorable—all vital ingredients of a fan favorite!

She packs an appropriate punch with her vocal prowess, singing with such passion and purpose, her angelic voice sliding through the tune and capturing the song’s essence and theme with polished precision.

Her voice is so rich and effortlessly powerful, and she knows how to utilize it to convey just the appropriate feeling.

And just like you will be in appreciation for such a stupendous body of work, she is also in admiration for the kind of gentleman she has by her side who is making her feel things. That feeling of being loved and actually exuding the right vibes around each other, hence the acclamation, “Every Man Ain’t the Same” perfectly captured by the catchy lines, “baby imma trust you not because I have to but because I want to and I want you…” such strong words that encapsulate the song’s theme altogether!

This track is already earning critical acclaim from radio stations all over Cleveland, Ohio and rightfully so because it is a timeless masterpiece that feels better with each successive listening experience.

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