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Matilde G Is Back With Another Radio-Friendly Anthem, “Fighter,” That Is as Inspiring as It Is Enchanting!

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Matilde G’s wide-eyed pop is written with pure honesty, as she bares all of herself in her music in ways that have earned her international recognition. Her highly acclaimed single ‘Hypocrite,’ which was featured on USA’s MTV, served as a fitting introduction to Matilde as a unique and crafty artist. While in the process of self-discovery, she’s become the breakthrough pop artist of 2023. But in a way, her viral breakout almost feels like destiny!

Matilde is hoping that her platform can show other people like her that it’s possible to succeed by being true to yourself. Her rise is proof that indeed, indie female artists have a viable commercial shot in an industry that has traditionally said otherwise.

She is back and is already winning with her new empowering single dubbed “Fighter”; a song she uses to cultivate an attitude of hopefulness, resoluteness, and fortitude in the face of adversity and to express the ultimate strength with a spirit of hope; that with a positive outlook, firm belief in oneself, and a strong will to succeed, one can indeed overcome virtually any obstacle.

Vocally, Matilde brings all the fire and vocal prowess her ever-expanding fans have come to expect from her angelic vocal runs. There’s something undoubtedly special about this performance that makes you feel like it belongs on the big screen or in a true-life movie…that top-notch music video supports this fact!

This performance exudes such deep emotions that you can get lost in Matilde’s impassioned delivery even without the visuals. However, the new music video adds a heartfelt dimension by vividly painting what the song is about.

Talent like this is rare and far between; this is a feat few singers are capable of, let alone 18 year old singers in the music industry today!

“Fighter” has over 128K streams on Spotify alone, and the music video has well over half a million views, and this is in just under three weeks…let that sink in!

“Fighter” is the perfect hit for your summer playlist and one to inspire you to pursue your own greatness as you find your own inner strength and embrace the possibilities of the future!

To savor this dynamic and engaging sound; follow the attached link, and don’t forget to save it to your music playlist and share it with friends.

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