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Up-And-Coming Sacramento-Based Singer-Songwriter Madilyn Mackensie Hits All the Right Notes With Her Emotionally Powerful and Empowering Single “Light.”

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Madilyn Mackensie is a phenomenally gifted singer-songwriter based out of Sacramento, CA. She started writing music last year but has been playing the guitar for over a decade now. As a songwriter, she writes from personal experiences—the ups and downs, the highs and lows in life, the truths and the real—in order to forge that genuine connection with her listener. She is an artist listeners can believe in, creating music that speaks personally to them because she sings directly from the heart and rides on the tide of everyday life in a way people of all ages can recognize.

Madilyn is back with a new sentimental and empowering single dubbed “Light” that she bases on her personal experiences with that lack of authenticity, self-worth, and the misguided need to please others to your own detriment.

This track was birthed at a time when she felt lost and needed to express how she felt because she had surrendered herself and her power to others around her, doing things to please them and caring too much about what others thought of her. By doing this, she realized that her own “Light” was in a way diminishing; this song is an ode to taking that power and light back and being unapologetically her!

The gently plucked guitar lays the groundwork for the song before Madilyn breathes life into it with her soft, gently powerful, and golden vocals, wearing her heart on her sleeves, tapping into her vulnerability, and singing with an honest and introspective tone.

She hits all the right notes with her beautiful voice and marvelous range over the mellow yet powerful production that wraps around the lyrics like a warm embrace. Her emotive delivery and heartfelt conviction, especially in the chorus, accentuate the weight of the lyrics, connecting with listeners on a deep emotional level.

A radio staple and ear candy, “Light” deserves to be in the spotlight as much as any music lover’s playlist!

Follow the link below and savor this heartfelt performance!


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