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American hip-hop artist M1H1 is set to release a captivating masterpiece titled “No Time”

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M1H1 is an Orlando, Florida, hip-hop and rap artist cruising on his own musical altitude thanks to the sound he has been able to conjure up that takes influences from a wide array of influences, including hard progressive rock and R&B, to come up with a broad sound that appeals to wider demographics. His remarkable performance and vocal talent have attracted attention from industry professionals and new fans alike. His enthralling blend of rock and hip hop has gone on to receive widespread critical acclaim and established him as a trailblazer who is always looking for ways to improve his sound.

Dedicated to his loyal fans who have supported him from the beginning, as well as new listeners attracted to his diverse sound, M1H1 is on cue to release an undeniable fan favorite and real crowd pleaser dubbed “No Time” featuring RHY.

This track is an epic stunner that is guaranteed to get you in the mood as you feel the vibe and move your body in time with the heavy beat.

Drawing from hypnotic trap influences, “No Time” features signature hi-hats, striking snares, powerful 808, and a heavy bass that will resonate from your speakers.

M1H1 then makes it worth a listener’s while with that unforgettable hook-laden chorus before teasing with the thought-spinning bars…at least that’s what I gathered from that 30-second release teaser.

“No Time” is going to be a big deal and will be on heavy rotation once it officially debuts on July 7, 2023, on all the popular streaming platforms.

Mark your calendar for July 7, 2023, and follow M1H1 on all social media platforms, as well as check out his music on major channels, to be in time when this banger officially drops…while at it, tell a friend to tell a friend about the new big thing in hip hop and rap; – M1H1!

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