Seattle Based Pop Superstar, M-Ritz, Comes Through Draped in Golden Melodic Attire With Her Fanciful and Exquisite EP, “By Now”

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M-Ritz By Now

M-Ritz’s music draws upon deluxe classic jazz and luxurious pop elements to fashion a grand style jazzy pop she is happy to call her own. Often showcasing a skillful union between jazz and pop with sumptuous and gratifying soundscapes, her originals reach out in affecting, meaningful ways. She has a way with her voice that will grab any listener’s attention the moment she opens her beautifully curved mouth. She stands out like the stars at night and having inherited her connection to music from her family and fully indulging in the creative process during her twenties even if she wasn’t sure she’d make a career off of music, M-Ritz has witnessed all manner of artistic waves within the ever-changing music scene. That is why her versatility and ability to adapt consistently have remained checked and have been allowing her to break through with style and authenticity.

She has now graced the musical land with a new EP, “By Now”- a 7-piece body of art that was inspired by James Bond 007 and which features themes of love, hurt, and hope in between some summer hit party anthems that you can dance to in your ethereally infused euphoric moment. This EP was produced with the help of maestro producer Cortex, whom she met while still staying in New York.

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“Diamonds are Forever” reimagines the 1970s film and colors it with the vivacity of the modern pop era to articulate a cinematic and glaring deep tune that is capable of lighting up a party in a moment’s notice. Embellishing it impeccably with a stroke of ethereally glimpsing vocal splendor, M-Ritz owns the moment and shines like diamonds in the sky (you can call it a Riri moment!)

“The Divide Between” brings lively pop and blends it with deep house features with the electronically infused melodicism thumping closer to the chest and whisking a listener toward the dance floor as they lose themselves with reckless abandon under the coruscating incursion of the dazzling beats. All the while, her commanding vocals fly over the instruments matching the aura and thrill and not once does she make a wrong turn- such matchless vocal control!

“Pain in my Heart” is engrossing and faultlessly emotional with the melancholic theme brilliantly contrasting with the exotic melodic glamour that is designed by the upbeat pop instruments that continually transcend throughout the track’s length. The raw emotions come out perfectly as her purely refined mellifluous vocals do the talking over the rhythmic ensemble!

The live vocals in the title track, “By Now (When Will This End)” are the heart and soul of this heartwarming single. The guitar solo intro is literally hypnotizing and her charming heavenly vocals are designed in a live-like orchestrated performance so emotional and heart-rending. This is an immeasurable vocal performance like you haven’t experienced before with the smooth and genuinely soulful singing exemplifying her eclectic yet grounded and honest approach to making music!

You will find magic in the other tunes; “Thrive”, “Skin” and “Thrive (Alternate Version)” as she goes on to show the music world what she is made of. The EP has already captured the attention of her fans and new listeners as they stream in their thousands their favorite tunes from the EP.

To make sure you are not left behind; follow the attached link to stream this entire EP so that you too acquaint yourself with the sheer level of musicality on show. Add your favorite tunes to your playlist and share them with friends and family. This is M-Ritz moment to shine and glow she will!


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