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“Love is a Passion” by GingerL

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Paris-based songstress GingerL’s “Love is a Passion” track features energetic and danceable rhythms that keep the momentum high. The beat is infectious, encouraging a listener to move and dance. The memorable melodies and catchy hooks create a sense of familiarity and makes the song easy to sing along to. The lyrics are sexy and evocative conveying feelings of love and joy, adding a distinct emotional layer to the upbeat and energetic musical backdrop.

The production here is dynamic, with unique electronic textures, synthesizers, and sound effects that create that modern and futuristic cutting-edge feel. GingerL’s vocals are sultry, powerful and strong, complementing the music and enhancing the overall impact. See, this is a radio-ready anthem!

Connect with GingerL on Instagram @GingerL 🎤 

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