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“Love Fire” by Sam Way

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With flames of passion and a rhythm that ignites the soul, PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE sets the music scene ablaze with their latest track, “Love Fire.” From their humble beginnings honing their craft at LDH to captivating audiences across Japan and beyond, this dynamic seven-member group has carved a niche for themselves with their electrifying performances and infectious energy. As the winners of prestigious awards like the ‘Next Generation Global’ accolade at the 2022 GENIE MUSIC AWARDS, PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE proves they’re not just rising stars but blazing a trail towards global recognition.

“Love Fire” isn’t just a song; it’s an anthem for anyone who’s ever been swept away by the flames of love. With its pulsating beats, soulful vocals, and lyrics that tug at the heartstrings, this track is a must-listen for music lovers everywhere. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the fiery world of PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE and let “Love Fire” ignite your passion for music. Trust me; you won’t regret it.

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