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SwatsNation and the FreshTasteGroup Present “Old Atlanta,” a Soundtrack Featuring Lil’ Will & the Dungeon’s Family’s Own Backbone off of ‘Bo Legs’ Film Documentary.

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FreshTasteGroup is a boutique production company that prides itself on its knowledge, wisdom, and understanding when it comes to content development and branding. SwatsNation, on the other hand, is a global marketing and promotions company whose ability to reach specific target markets provides it with a strategic advantage in the fields of marketing, event management, and promotions.

The ‘Bo Legs’ film documentary pays homage to one of Atlanta’s most significant political figures, Marvin Arrington Sr.; an unsung hero who selflessly saved his city; a conscientious man but nevertheless a bit simple-minded and self-opinionated whose love for the city and visionary work and strong-willed ideals transformed Atlanta for the better.

The “Old Atlanta” soundtrack brought together two exceptionally gifted artists: Lil’ Will and The Dungeon Family’s own Backbone.

An epic collaboration that blurs the genre lines between hip-hop and R&B, “Old Atlanta’ has an old-school catchy vibe built around it, with the two artists complementing one another ingeniously.

Lil’ Will embellishes the track with his mellifluous and sweet-talking vocals and an irresistible chorus, whereas Backbone breathes life into the lyrical narrative with his masterful flows, delivering some wise perspectives and punchline-heavy bars in service of the track’s major theme.

“Old Atlanta” also has an accompanying high-standard music video that fits perfectly with the track’s narrative and essence. This is the perfect complement to this tune, both in apologue and storyline. So far, the music video has managed to amass over 12K views and has received favorable reviews from the music press.

The ‘Bo Legs’ film documentary is now available for viewing on Apple TV, Prime, Google, and Vudu/Fundago.

“Old Atlanta” soundtrack is available for streaming on popular platforms, including Spotify and that eye-catching music video that is out on YouTube.

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