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Rising South Florida Rapper Lazy2real’s Latest Lyrical Single “Get Money” Will Jolt Your Mind With its Electrifying Resonance

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Lazy2real’s bold and exceptional musical productions are masterfully woven with the expert of a wordsmith and his melodic rap flow on his every track befitting every airplay, stream, and as much listener attention as it gets, from the serenity of a native South Florida to the comfort of your anticipatory ears. Lazy2real is a flawless rapper, and songwriter, and with his latest single release, “Get Money,” he delivers such aim and indefectible lyrical inventiveness and truth-telling culture. True to his words, he received a brand new bag, which resulted in brand new swag!

This is an amazingly phenomenal certified banger with a broad soundscape of diverse rhythmic beats that have a major influence on the southern style of rap with which we are sure to resonate.

“Get Money” is certain to leave an unforgettable imprint on your musical consciousness, due to its distinct sound and adaptability, which is enhanced by Lazy2real’s polished and top-notch delivery of unapologetic bars. “Got a paper want money, follow me bro..”    All of this mesmerizing, raw, and simple truth, with no holding back, is what distinguishes him as a mega-talented rapper and recording artist of our generation. Lazy2real provides an innately great bar-dropping performance that perfectly complements the cosmic tune. This song is a fantastic example of Lazy2real’s impressive skill set, which includes not allowing the lyrical innovation in his songs to overshadow his reality. He is true to his culture, as a real Viking should be, which is the most honorable thing a man can say in this culturally diverse nation.

The high-quality music video of him going through different hustles in different locations is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat until the last second as you admire in awe the intriguing, interesting, and vibrant production that is packed with full heavy, twirling synths and basslines, melodic flow and inexpressibly alluring energy. Listening to the brilliant artist performing with unapologetic confidence his intricate wordplay, technical lyrics, and punchlines as you watch the video makes the song even more endearing. His cutting edge lyrical delivery channels the classic fashionable Hip hop that has been controlling the airwaves lately which means he is on the right track and it is only a matter of time before he explodes to the national scene like he is destined to. This is what dreams are made of.

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