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Riding on That Momentous Wave for Delight Kulateral Beatz Teaming up With Mike-Real Exclusively Brings to You “Field Trips”

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Kulateral Beatz Field Trips

Kulateral Beatz is a super producer and prodigious recording artist hailing from the city of Kansas, Missouri refreshing with his dynamism, versatility, and ultra-proficiency when it comes to playing the game. He is an MVP owning the field with his game-changing tactics that are slowly but surely gaining traction and causing a stir in the commercial pop/hip hop landscape ensuring that the world takes notice of his vivacious ability on the mic and his unrivaled potential to make compellingly introspective tracks that have the propensity to turn the music industry on its head. His latest release “Filed Trips” featuring Mike-Real captures artistically the essence, tonality, and soundscape of innovative and improvised electrically charged Hip hop sound. This is the theme song for any type of setting or occasion, it is a club banger with its heavy and deep bass delightfully balanced with the beat synths, the melodic riffs, and the cataclysmic charge of the electric guitar to ferry a listener to the realm of a mystical universe. What you are about to experience is a strong vocal performance, melodic explosion, excellent vocal layering, and catchy lyrical hooks all blended together in a surprisingly atmospheric track that contains subtle hints from a number of diverse genres.

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The soundscape of “Field Trips” with its great deal of melody skillfully sets the tone of the track with its charged, dreamy, and mysterious aura. The booming instrumentation is melodically ambient and gravitates you to the track with the electric charged instruments adding further melodic maturity to the track.  Kulateral Beatz graces the heavy beat in dexterity fashion, his versatile vocal delivery slinking through the ambiance with a seamless aura, his velvety and equally heavy bars operating between a ponderous and direct tone filled with commanding intent and assuring presence. The interplay between the various vocal parts as the track gains pace with Mike-Real making his presence felt with dreamy and harmonic vocality is a strong point, the way the lyrics are spread across the various performers tremendously heightens their effectiveness and allows them to have a great dynamic that bounces between the vocalists.

This is how certified smash hits are made and delivered and it feels like Kulateral Beatz has also been doing this since T-Pain was pouring Drake Nuvo. Jump on that wave and experience your musical life and taste change for the better!

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