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American Producer, Singer-Songwriter and Rapper K.J. Rogers Marks His Arrival as a Solo Act With the Debut Album, “To Whom It May Concern”

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K.J. Rogers To Whom It May Concern

Kenneth Jesse Rogers IV, also known as K.J. Rogers, is a multi-talented recording artist who aims to establish a successful career as a solo act. He has previously worked with labels and with other independent artists. His father is the legendary dance and house pioneer CeCe Rogers, who inspired him significantly as a child and continues to do so today. K.J. Rogers is flexible and isn’t afraid to test his abilities in a wide range of musical genres, coming through as well in R&B, Hip-hop, pop, and soul as he does in house and dance. He is a complete product, and when you subscribe to his musicality, you receive an all-in-one palette!

His debut project, “To Whom It May Concern” is a hit project I must confess; boasting 9 remarkably innovative tracks that showcase his diversity and versatility in the way he is able to take multiple forms that each track affords.

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I was exceedingly entranced by the opening track, “Higher Plane” in which he features Justin Charles- a euphonic transcendence in house music masterclass which boasts luxuriously stylish rhythm and melody at its core and at the heart, there is that passionate vocal presentation that leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. The duo here easily makes an anthem off of these lines to fashion a timeless masterpiece that is really going to be in heavy rotation everywhere.

What is more fascinating about the tune, “Higher Plane” is how it not only feels like a house dominant track but the performances somehow and subtly echo the spirit of R&B and soul very uniquely to get a listener really engrossed throughout. This is a complete performance from head to toe.

“Are We Together” gave me those afro beats inspired vibes and the way they blend with the dance-colored elements also articulates the best tune to lose stress and worries to. The vocal performance here is spectacular as K.J. Rogers easily makes this a masterpiece!

This is just the tip of the iceberg; this album has refreshing bangers that will endear themselves to a mammoth number of listeners globally and is the best collection to get you in the mood of a weekend (doesn’t matter even if it’s on a Monday!).

To listen to this collection; follow the attached link and from the collection save your favorite tracks and share this masterpiece everywhere!


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