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The Reigning Afrobeats Champ Kinsolo’s Much Anticipated “Efiko” Album Is Finally Set to Drop!

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You better believe that Kinsolo has been wreaking havoc with his eclectic, afro beats-inspired music style that has gone on to win him over fans and critics alike; his impeccably distilled sound always leaves fans coming back for more and music pundits vigorously searching for the ingredients in the music.

A conqueror in his own right, Kinsolo has been helping define a new sound, and it is his limitless versatility, demonstrated in his generous artistic capability to blend various elements from such sounds as hip hop and pop with his afrobeats, that has earned him an up-and-coming notice among the global music scene.

He has a dedicated cult following who follow his every move with great adulation, and it is on the back of much love from them as well as his own gift to them that the project “Efiko” is finally seeing the light!

And this is not to say that this project was just done overnight, no! This album is the result of four years of blood, sweat, and tears to engineer something close to perfection; a 12-track masterpiece that Kinsolo hopes will be timeless and leave a lasting impression on every listener who comes into contact with it. From what I have glimpsed so far, its impact will be felt far and wide.

We are talking about a genuinely brand new masterpiece such as “Parabola” where Kinsolo coherently amalgamates the afrobeats with rap. Unleashing an ear-gracing visual wordplay effortlessly and smoothly, he proves why this is his favorite stamping ground.

A tune like “Gates” gave me an Asake kind of vibe, and it is just so surreal to get drawn into this dynamic and broad-ranging performance that is brimming with melody and performance value!

Tell you what, when the date reads April 14, 2023, there is nowhere else you’d rather be if you are indeed serious about your eternal love for music.

“Efiko” is primed to be the game-changer in afrobeats and hip hop—a project that will further elevate Kinsolo into international acclaim!

I could go on and on seeing how euphoric I feel, but I will stop for now to let that sink in!

To make sure you don’t get left behind when the train departs on April 14, 2023, I suggest following Kinsolo everywhere, including his Instagram page, and don’t let him off your radar even for a micro-second-you’ll of course thank me later!


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