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Embarking On His Solo Career Is US-Based Afro Beats Mastermind KingKoss With an Epic Banger, “Feelin’ Irie,” Featuring De-Eye.

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KingKoss - Feelin’ Irie

KingKoss is set to garner the attention of many fans and critics following the release of his new banger, “Feelin’ Irie,” which marks his entrance  as a solo project following successful stints as the lead member of the group, ‘Blackstarx’. Making for a truly unique and unforgettable listening experience, KingKoss and the guest performer De-Eye go on to create a timeless and catchy masterpiece that can never go out of style—this banger will still feel brand new a decade from now!

Artists out there have showcased their ability to successfully integrate narratives into their music, but few really tell stories with such heartfelt conviction and star glow as KingKoss does in this performance.

No matter what you’re going through, when this song comes on, it puts you in a bright mood, and you just want to get lost in it—singing along to that infectious hook like no one’s listening, and dancing along to those afrobeats-flavored melodies like no one’s watching!

KingKoss fits perfectly into this kind of style, with his vocal performance leaving nothing to be desired. He has got that kind of cottony voice that is sweet-talking and mellifluous as he dances and bounces over the beats like a professional kickboxer in the ring!

Afrosoul sensation De-Eye then supplements the banger with his own refined and polished vocal delivery, giving this banger clarity and warmth that will quickly ingratiate itself with you!

The rap-tuned performance towards the end also adds to the color and depth of this masterpiece and underscores its broad appeal.

Remember the name “Feelin’ Irie,” because this masterpiece is set to be on heavy rotation everywhere thanks to its catchy and ‘feel-good’ vibe flanked by that refreshing vocal presentation.

I mean, from that performance alone, I feel like KingKoss can sing about anything and make it sound fantastic; the mark of a rare trademark talent!

“Feelin’ Irie” is the first single off of KingKoss’ upcoming solo album, “I did it my way” that is expected to drop soon.

“Feelin’ Irie” is now streaming on all the popular digital platforms; follow the attached link to add this banger to your favorite playlist.


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