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KalleFORnia SurferBOY’s New Track “Called It (Woohoo)” Is a Uniquely Sculpted Sound Design!

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One shy kid who is here to tell his stories; – KalleFORnia SurferBOY has been creating splendid, captivating, thought-inspiring, and catchy music that invites you and pulls you into an emotional stupor as you sing along. Utilizing his vast experience in sound design, innate music gifts, cleverness, charm, and unequaled stage presence, his style of music has earned him a shockwave of intrigue from ardent fans as well as fierce critics as he goes on to display such exceptional musicality that more than anything highlights his incredible talents as an innovator and versatile artist who has always managed to stay slightly ahead of the curve and also managing to stay on the edge of new sounds and genres whilst never losing the essence of his core musicality!

“Called it (Woohoo)” is as original as it is arresting, and it sees KalleFORnia SurferBOY grace the stage with a refreshing vibe as he gives a lively performance over the splendid mellow guitar tones.

I just love how he allows his voice to flourish—it’s actually the sweet-talking, velvety, and uniquely warm kind that gently brushes a listener’s eardrums as he sings straight into your heart and leaves no emotion untouched.

His delicate, manly vocals float nicely over the charmingly hit guitar strings as he goes on to give a memorable performance that is a huge testament to the ingenious artist he is and one who is not afraid to test his musical depths and see what comes off them.

Once your ears have been trampled by brashness that has been uplifted by that irresistible charm, you will understand why this seemingly unstoppable vocalist is meteorically rising to stardom!

“Called it (Woohoo)” has been streaming on your favorite platforms for a while now; follow the attached link to have the experience of your lifetime!



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