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American Musician, Songwriter, and Producer Just Tat Em Delivers a Fascinating, Love-Fueled Performance in “Jesus Returns”

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Just Tat Em - Jesus Returns

Ever since he met his now wife, with whom they have walked the path of love together, her artistic powers moved him, her desire to be great on her own terms attracted him; her occasional hard edges challenged him. Her sense of humor amused him. Her palpable compassion moved him and her beauty melted him; as such, “Jesus Returns” is a celebration of that true love that so many people have neglected by giving in to societal pressure and what purportedly ought to or ought not to!

Just Tat Em is the artist on feature today—a multi-genre singer, songwriter, producer, and rapper, he has been proving beyond reasonable doubt that he’s got the aura and talent to leave an indelible mark on the music industry, which is why we are giving him his flowers today.

“Jesus Returns” has an alternative pop feel that is coherently blended with hip-hop and rock sensibilities, with Just Tat Em’s knack for the specifics and tailored delivery putting you right there beside him as the story unfolds.

There is just something special about music that always makes you feel things, and Just Tat Em excels in that department with this powerful performance as he brings those early nostalgic pop-rock vibes and some wise perspectives about true love to engineer something that appeals to both old and young listeners.

Just Tat Em’s music has always supported the fact that a fascinating and richly colorful life is stamped with many scars—he has survived what so many would be crushed by. He’s got that steel inside of him, and once he vowed to turn his life around from the dark phase that had permeated it, he vowed to conduct a reminder of his days by modeling excellence, resilience, and the utmost kindness. His music has been a large part of that.

“Jesus Returns” is the celebration of that holy covenant that joins two people in front of an audience and before God and should be treated with the seriousness it deserves. This is not an experimental thing…it is for life.

To listen to this sensational tune as you watch the accompanying eye-catching music video, follow the attached link, subscribe to Just Tat Em’s music, like the video, and add the track to your music library.



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