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“June and Nora” by Bob Turco

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In a serene corner of his musical sanctuary, Bob Turco found inspiration in the most tender of moments—watching his twin granddaughters, June and Nora, twirl and dance to the melodies emanating from his piano. It was in these precious instances of youthful innocence and familial love that the seeds of “June and Nora” were planted. As the first enchanting piece from his album, “Music to Heal By,” this instrumental gem captures the essence of those cherished memories with a delicate blend of piano and orchestration. Each note is a testament to the profound bond between grandfather and granddaughters, radiating warmth and affection that envelops listeners in a soothing embrace.

Now, as “June and Nora” gracefully dances its way into the hearts of music lovers everywhere, Bob Turco invites you to experience the magic for yourself. Let the tender melodies and evocative harmonies transport you to a place of serenity and joy, where the beauty of life’s simple moments is celebrated in melody. Join Bob on this heartfelt journey of love and nostalgia—immerse yourself in the enchanting world of “June and Nora” and let the music heal your soul.

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