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Singer and Songwriter Jourdan Jade Has a Deeply Resonant Mood-Lifter Dubbed, “Stay Inside”

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Jourdan Jade Stay Inside

Jourdan Jade is an indie recording artist, singer and songwriter who records in her Vallejo, CA–based production studio.  Her style evokes all the talents for future stardom as she endears to make music that fits in most people’s ears, leveraging on the inspiration that comes from being an independent woman and the love for the cannabis culture. She is a true woman of culture and her own music mirrors that. Her impressive catalog boats some deservedly acclaimed tracks such as; “Light Up That Weed” and “Like You Do” among others. She is not limited to just one specific genre with her style clearly evolving by fusing a number of elements such as hip-hop, pop, R&B and soul.

She is back on the musical field with a staggering new anthem dubbed, “Stay Inside”- an intriguingly flamboyant and feel-good type of track that has an infectiously catchy hook. This track highlights the feeling when you are not in the mood to do anything and just want to enjoy that day-long rest within the vicinity that the comfort your home affords. This is one of those days where you just switch off the phone, block all noise and have fun indoors- the type of fun here is of course subjective!

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Like always, she nails every piece of performance; following the stupendously layered beats and hypnotic percussion that blend the spirit of hip-hop and the aura of modern pop, she is able to make an anthem off of the catchy phrases and hook in what is a deeply engaging orchestrated piece of art.

Her powerful vocals shine with artistic brilliance when she is singing as it does when she sleekly switches flows and drops some bars, all the while allowing the melody to remain seamless and coherent. This is that type of track that has the capability of flourishing in any setting; be it in a car, a company gathering, or a night out.

So if you are feeling like putting your ass on the couch all day long like her; follow the attached link to stream this anthem and let it be your company throughout the day!


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