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Jish Is Back on the Scene With a Brand New Scintillating Release “10oclock”

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Jish 10oclock

Jish is a marvelously talented singer-songwriter, producer and lyricist who has become an inimitable champion of Louisiana’s pop and indie scene continuing to set the world ablaze with the release of yet another remarkable and eclectic track “10oclock”. After tearing a hole in the mainstream scene with releases like “Conversation With Myself”, winning over fans and critics alike with its composition, arrangement and vocal presentation his new track “10oclock” takes lead from a broad selection of styles- it is genre-bending. It’s more nuanced showcasing a more expressively melancholic side of his music. Setting an alluring and hauntingly magical tone with the refreshing and calming swing and harmonic laid-back melodicism accompanied by plenty of blended rhythmic tunes, “10oclock” starts to build up from 0:38 preparing a listener before taking a deep dive in harmonic progression from 0:44 echoing visceral 90’s upbeat and lively pop that conjures up to comparisons to legendary artists like The Weeknd. Wielding an exhilarating, passionate sound that hits the senses intriguingly and drags you under in an instance, the single bridges the gap between desolate human moments and infectious, indomitable vibrancy, offering an idiosyncratic perspective that only Jish can deliver.

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When Jish integrates his seductive, sultry, and overwhelmingly sumptuous voice, then you know you are in for a treat. His lyrical efficiency and command in prose is where the gist of the track inhabits. The outstanding production and the stellar mix of all the splendidly complex instrumentation complemented by the staggeringly crisp harmonic voicing creates an intimate, passionate, and powerful splendor that has a rhythmic intensity that’s perfect for the context of this song.

There is a softness and sultry quality to his glimmering voice painting the track with charming delight. To give it a perspective, there is freshness, innocence, and youthfulness to it. The melody intertwines with his voice while taking up the space and order of the exuberant accompaniment of the drums, the bass, piano, guitar, and synth riffs for pop-like quality to the track, it also incorporates various sounds to fashion a seventh-heaven element to the song. This track is bubbly, danceable, and sophisticated in glorious fashion. This is the track for ages and is available on all major streaming platforms and it is only wise that listeners camp there while sipping from the refreshing tastes of this and all his other delicious tracks. Relish!

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