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Virgin Islands Musical Artist Jelani Kendall Highlights His Signature Sound in the Album “Bush Tea.”

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Jelani Kendall

As someone who has grown a true appreciation for the craft and carved an indelible footprint marked by unique sound craft, the Virgin Islands’ hottest force in hip-hop music, Jelani Kendall, has been able to master a Caribbean-flavored lyrical content coated with the right amount of infectious flows and aggressive punch to set himself up for success. In his latest album, “Bush Tea,” for example, Kendall belts out a catchy hip-hop collection with that Caribbean flair highlighted by his songwriting and performing forte. Jelani displays his enticing and vibrant vocals, which make for an extraordinary listening experience that envelops a listener from the start to the end.

As they make contact with your ears, the wondrously crafted harmonies in “Bush Tea” can’t help but arouse a listener’s interest, transporting them to ecstatic places as Kendall effortlessly invokes emotions without ever straining for effect. Each track from this 12-piece collection is the result of a unique story, sonically blending futuristic hip hop with authentic and culturally identifiable Caribbean influences to engineer something priceless!

The producer V2J who produced this whole album really did an impeccable job; the recording and mix are of a high standard, and the tracks boast great sonic clarity and warmth. For some reason unbeknownst to me, I can’t seem to get the banger “Tipsy” off of my senses. You might have given up on alcohol, but this piece will get you literally “high.” The beats slap harder than my father’s belt, and Kendal makes a grand entrance with his Caribbean-inspired punchlines, eating this banger up and leaving no crumbs.


I like the subtle R&B sensibilities that have been afforded in the top-quality tune “HaveItYouWay”. The hooks are easily memorable, and that combined with the equally unforgettable harmonies stays with a listener outside of this track.

“Interview” is just a show-stopping freestyle performance that sees Kendall unleash his clever bars and straight-talking rhymes over the danceable and incredibly vibrant beats. This is when dancehall meets rap music, and the result is just as epic in its authenticity as this.

Even by their impeccable standards, Jelani Kendall and producer V2J really did deliver one for the books; “Bush Tea” will be used as a blueprint that will define what it means to be successful in sound innovation!

Like V2J always tells Kendall, “we going up fast,”  “Bush Time” is the highlight of artists who have refused to stand still and are chasing success wherever it leads—setting the bar high in terms of versatility and focus!

To be part of this astonishing musical journey, follow the attached link and savor this exceptional musical fantasy that you don’t get to see every Tuesday!

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