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Welcome to the World Premiere of “Vibe” a New Music Video by R&B Sensation Jai Humble

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Jai Humble Vibe

Jai Humble is a recording artist, singer, and songwriter who has developed her own unique and original sound. Her sensationally creative vision is staggeringly broad, as the artist flawlessly blends the lines between diverse styles such as R&B, Pop, and Neo-Soul. She makes genre-bending music that sits well across different facets of music fanatics and brings her vision to life in one of the most stunningly creative music videos of our time “VIBE” is dynamically special owing to the fact that Jai Humble and her team spared no efforts in making sure that that this came out as the very best product that it could possibly be. Every detail, every audio/visual treat is on point, creative and makes for an overwhelmingly immersive experience from the moment you hit the play button, getting heavily invested with every passing moment and scenes and the High-definition visual and smooth quality video that is the best complement to the video in both storyline and symbolism. If this new premiere is any indication, Jai Humble is on an expedition to a very fulfilling music career that will be massively deserved.

The track opens up to a powerfully harmonious, intimate, and inviting guitar string before her mellifluous vocals breathe vital life to the naturally arranged and solid instruments singing like an angel “I Just want somebody, somebody yeah this is a whole new vibe…” and then through the song’s lyrical development that intimate distance between the artist and listener becomes itself the focus of the interaction with the harmonic progression taking ceaseless rhythm as the drums, hats, the synth riffs and the bountiful bass mingle with her powerful vocals and put a haunting highlight on the catchy hooks in the song’s chorus to fashion colorful and flavorful harmonies which makes “VIBE” a deeply memorable listening and viewing experience from end to end.

Listening to this visceral splendor while watching the visual treat is in itself capable of transporting a listener to the realm of another universe that is brimming with captivating melodicism, there is so much ingenuity involved in the creation of such a Hollywood-like video and will hold a viewer captive from the first second to the last as you take on the journey all over again seeking to sip its authentic thrill and each time feeling like you still need to view more of it without getting satisfied. Click on the attached link to view this creative brilliance as you comment, like, and share.

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