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This Duo Internetcity; Exemplifying Praiseworthy Innovation Within the Realms of Dynamic Rap Music!

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InternetCity Burn Up

The music world is currently witnessing generational talents in the name of InternetCity which is made up of exceedingly dexterous artists and YouTubers InternetAaron and InternetMikey who came together purely for the purpose of making music. Making an instantaneous impact, their diverse sound coined uniquely as nerdcore is a culturally-honoring style of rap music that fuses hip hop sound with other influences ranging from anime, video games, movies, and even cartoon elements to take you on a deeply immersive musical odyssey that is authentic and entertaining.

There is always that indescribably magical feeling when you experience something for the first time and I had that feeling when listening to their ingenious records. InternetCity currently has over 15.8k monthly Spotify listeners and the tracks from their astonishing discography have collectively amassed over half a million streams. This is a huge testament to their individual prowess and capacity to harness imagination in service of fresh sounds that are making impressive impressions on listeners not just in America but all over the world.

Slowly but surely, they are getting there and have so much in store for their ever-growing listeners. The 2022 banger, “Burn Up (Dabi Rap)” is a blazing anthem that epitomizes everything in cultural transcendental rap music. Intriguingly clever bars and catchy hooks over the mind-boggling hip-hop instrumentation really take you to a video-game-inspired setting that consumes your attention right from the word go.

Special shout-out to that exceptionally made cover art too and this is just a case example of what this duo can deliver when right in the feels (and they are always in the feels). For lovers of a genuine and improvised rap sound, this is exactly where you belong. Anybody who appreciates meticulous music craft will unequivocally find something to sink their teeth into here.

Follow InternetAaron and InternetMikey on their attached IG handles and don’t let them slip off of your radar even for a mere second. Also, click on the attached link and witness rap music’s greatness unfold before your ears!

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