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UK-based Rock Band Imaginary Dreamers Delivers an Energy-fueled Performance with “Right Before You”

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Imaginary Dreamers is a 3-piece band comprised of a phenomenally gifted group of friends with rich musical backgrounds. They have been making waves with their versatile sound and style, radiating epic rock music within the realms of hard rock, metal, punk, and grunge with a melodic twist to each. The band aims to push the envelope with their genre-bending sound, which cannot be boxed in. It is in the recording studio where the magic really happens. It’s where Imaginary Dreamers’ songs come to life, where melodies find their voice, and where the groove takes over. The energy in the studio is electric, and it’s where the band pours their hearts and souls into each and every track. They experiment, they push boundaries, and they allow their creativity to flow freely. It’s a process of self-discovery and musical exploration that’s incredibly fulfilling.

The track “Right Before You” unfurls with such a melodious rage. This music is essentially different from the kind of rock music that you’ve become accustomed to, and that’s what makes it so exciting and exhilarating.

Through the powerfully picked riffs, the insane bass licks, and the pounding drums, Imaginary Dreamers’ raw passion is evident as they take listeners on a melodious sonic journey into their world.

Kev’s vocals are self-assertive and powerful, and the backing vocals do incredibly well to add to the song’s depth and feel.

I love the hook at the song’s heart; it’s amazingly memorable and adds to the anthemic weight of the song. Thanks to Jonny Smokes, who is the inspiration here and helped Imaginary Dreamers shape this sound and bring out the best in this outstanding song, the skillful execution of the music complements the depth of the heartfelt lyrics beautifully.

This is the kind of performance that stays with you long after the final notes have disappeared. It’s a soul-stirring performance worth every second!

Check out the link below to stream and download this raw masterpiece.

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