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“icarus” by Adeline V. Lopez

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At just 18 years old, Adeline V. Lopez is already making waves in the music world with her soulful and introspective songwriting. Growing up in the vibrant heart of New York City, Adeline’s music beautifully blends urban experiences with universal themes of teenage hope and struggle. Her latest release, “icarus,” is a perfect showcase of her talent, featuring hauntingly beautiful vocals and intricate guitar work that together create a deeply moving and relatable piece. Adeline’s ability to weave mythological imagery with contemporary life sets her apart as a unique voice in the singer-songwriter scene, and “icarus” is a testament to her profound lyrical and musical abilities.

If you haven’t yet experienced the magic of Adeline V. Lopez, now is the time to tune in. “icarus” is more than just a song—it’s an emotional journey that captures the essence of youth and the complexities of growing up. Stream “icarus” on Spotify today and let yourself be transported by Adeline’s poignant storytelling and captivating melodies. Follow her on her musical journey and stay updated on her latest releases, because Adeline is an artist you won’t want to miss as she continues to rise. Dive into the world of “icarus” and feel the power of Adeline’s music for yourself.

Connect with Adeline V. Lopez on Instagram: adeline lopez 🫶 

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