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Powerseat Music Group Hip Hop Star Hotboi Ty Has Just Released His Third Studio Album, Dubbed “From the Heart.”

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They say that some of the best rap artists out there are natural-born storytellers; they want to do more than just entertain people. Powerseat Music Group’s Hotboi Ty falls into this category. This is a rap artist who always wants to connect with his audience and share more of his creative vision with them. He is much more than just a performer or emcee, with the quality production of his music flanked by intensely personal lyrics.

From the time he set foot into the music landscape, his discography has been a treasure trove of awesome hip-hop bangers, with tracks exploring the trap sound and contemporary influences alike. He has been remarkably consistent, and that is how he ended up gaining the attention of the rapidly flourishing independent music label, Powerseat Music Group who are now partnering with him to take his sound global.

Hotboi Ty is a generational talent, a man of humble beginnings who has surpassed expectations at every turn and is en route to becoming one of the most prominent hip-hop artists ever. He is a cultural force worth reckoning with, and despite some setbacks in life, he has been able to use the seemingly disadvantageous circumstances to transform both his life and music…the mark of a virtuoso!

Fresh from being incarcerated, Hotboi Ty has picked up his lessons and is not letting that deter his focus and vision…he already has released his third full-length studio album, “From the Heart” which the larger hip-hop community has to contend with.

Inspired by the past events in his life that have seemed like a scene straight out of a blockbuster film… I mean, the man was shot seven times and survived (many have died for far less!) “From the Heart” is like an open conversation with the listener as he walks you through a journey of pain and triumph—an expedition that has seen him walk through troubled waters and make it to the other side.

This type of performance is actually heard less and experienced more; it is like a religious experience. You are drawn into the performance from the first track all the way to the last one. This is the sort of album that you don’t just cherry-pick via the remote button; no, as soon as the first track starts playing, you are in for the whole journey—you won’t even know when the journey is over because it is simply that good.

I feel this “Time” is one of the most emotional tracks on the album; bearing his soul out, Hotboi takes a listener through a flow of thoughts about his time in prison and how he survived all that and came back even stronger.

A track like “.556” is an undeniable demonstration of Ty’s lyrical inventiveness; he is fluid and swift, displaying floodgates of attention-grabbing wordplay and gritty rhymes. In a way, this track feels like the perfect tune to summarize this entire album, both in essence and lyricism.

“Cold Feet” is a poignant and heartfelt performance about his girl leaving him while he was in prison (loyalty is rare nowadays). You can feel the rare emotions in his voice, delivered with the hopeful sentiment of someone who is headed all the way to the top.

I was intrigued by the unimaginable levels Hotboi Ty brings this album to and the intangible impact these performances have on a listener. The way he connects with his listeners in his own way, making them have fun, cope, and most importantly, relate to them, is why you deserve this unfeigned collection on your playlist.

Follow the attached link to stream “From the Heart” and let it stamp an indelible imprint in your heart and soul!

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