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“Hot Girls Listen to Techno” by DOCTOR DE LA NOCHE

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Deep, resonant basslines that create that strong and driving foundation as well as giving the track its visceral and rhythmic quality, inescapable industrial and metallic sounds, fast-paced and energetic BPM and repetitive hypnotic percussion and synths all contribute to DOCTOR DE LA NOCHE’s intense and relentless “Hot Girls Listen to Techno” track.

The repetitive hypnotic patterns induce a trance-like state in the listener whilst creating a sense of continuity as the driving kick drum provide the track with its pulsating and propulsive energy. The arrangement is minimalist, focusing on a few key elements that are punctiliously crafted. The robotic vocal samples echo the track’s title as the ominous synths pads, futuristic sound design, and buildups and drops intensify the energy and engage the listener. Now tell me, who in their right mind wouldn’t want to experience this sonic sensation? Nobody, that’s what I thought!

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