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Holding Poison, an English Rock Band, Has Released Their Latest Single “Destination, Same Old” That’s Bound to Be an Earworm.

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In the realm of rock music, many artists and bands often strive to weave a tapestry of emotions, experiences, and thoughts through their songs. Holding Poison, a two-piece English band, consistently showcases this remarkable prowess in all their songs. With their music, each verse carries a distinct vocal flair and thematic essence that resonates with listeners on various levels.

Their latest single, “Destination, Same Old” captures the essence of their artistic vision, incorporating a seamless fusion of genre-bending sounds and heartfelt storytelling. From the moment the first note hits, listeners are enveloped in a sonic landscape that is both familiar and refreshingly innovative.

From the captivating guitar work to the pristine tones, “Destination, Same Old” unfurls with a vibrant melody as the lead vocals carry an enchanting allure that paints vivid pictures of what the song is all about.

Bringing their highly compelling and commanding vocal skills to the table alongside their accomplished lyric writing, Holding Poison delivers once again, presenting a piece that showcases their exceptional songwriting, musicianship, and depth.

This song is an outstanding example of the duo’s diverse songwriting prowess and is a shining example of musicians and songwriters with an irrefutable passion for their craft.

The vocal performance is nothing short of breathtaking, and the insane electric guitar riffs, as the track progresses, infuse it with that hard rock thrill. The musicianship displayed is particularly noteworthy, with each member bringing their A-game.

There is a level of professionalism in the playing that is undoubtedly the result of the combined experience of both Matt and Jack. Dynamics play an important role in “Destination, Same Old” and it is great to see that a lot of meticulous attention has gone into how the track balances its loud and soft elements with outstanding care and delicacy.

To enjoy this first-class performance, make sure you follow the link below and add the song to your playlist.


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