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Boston-Based Rapper and Singer Hitta Young Has Just Made His Mark With His New Album, “Cry”

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Throughout his career, Hitta Young has been making a name for himself through his unique and captivating style, which features a dynamic blend of intimate storytelling and complex lyricism. Blending his reverence for classic hip-hop and R&B with a forward-thinking mentality, Young creates an authentic sound full of memorable hooks and thought-provoking observations about real life. Ever since he started recording music professionally at age 14, he has been honing his skills and building up a catalog of increasingly impressive releases and is poised to take his rightful place at the top of the modern trap and R&B world.

His new album, “Cry,” has established Hitta as a vitally important new voice in American music. This 10-track collection features tracks that have been inspired by Young’s daily routine observations as well as emotions emanating from his real-life experiences.

With this project, Hitta Young once again demonstrates his infinite versatility and creativity as a musician and storyteller.

The opening track, “Scars” is emotional and delivered from a personal point of view. A track that cleverly defies categorization thanks to its trap and R&B features, this tune sees Young astonish the listener with his effortless rapping and singing dexterity. The memorable hooks ensure that this tune keeps on playing over your head even when you aren’t listening to it!

Like a well-lubricated dual-clutch transmission, Young effortlessly and swiftly switches flows with the beats in a way guaranteed to demand your attention!

Like a professionally trained kickboxer, Young moves with an artful brutality and focus like he’s eloquently dancing between words, patterns, and cadence in the drill-inspired banger “2 Mins of Death,” intuitively and spontaneously landing each punchline and bar in a rhythmically mesmerizing flow.

“Safe” is another favorite of mine thanks to that old school-flavored R&B vibe flanked by the delightfully charming vocal presentation, with Young exuding such pristine songwriting. This tune has been magnificently captured, lovingly arranged with those laid-back hypnotic melodies, and meticulously produced to offer emotional gratification to its listener.

“Comfort” is a trap ballad that features a heavy production that is intoxicating and is flanked by Young’s emotion-drenched vocals as he delivers a performance worthy of critical acclaim. In this track Young comes off as vulnerable, intimate, and thoughtful!

The title track “Cry” features a sing-along vibe, with Young unleashing his incredible vocal strength over the ear-gracing and vibrant R&B instrumentation.

Overall, “Cry”  is a 10/10 performance that deserves to be deservedly acclaimed from far and wide thanks to the stunning innovation, honest artistry, and timeless songwriting involved…not forgetting the impassioned performances!

To listen to this album in its entirety, follow the attached link and vibe with it every single day.

For more insight on Hitta Young’s creative vision, please follow him on his Instagram page. 

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