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Washington-based Indian hip hop artist and producer H2theBizza steps up with an epic banger dubbed “Go Getter”

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Blending his Indian roots with American influences, H2theBizza creates transcendental pieces of music, and so far, he seems to show no signs of slowing down.  He has already achieved a lot, but as a go-getter with an unwavering commitment, an ironclad reputation, and a relentless work ethic earned through dedication, he’s constantly working to satiate the needs of his ever-expanding fans that follow his every move with great adulation.

H2theBizza is once again making headlines following the release of his new conscious banger dubbed “Go Getter”- an anthem celebrating all the hardworking individuals who put in extra effort in order to make an honest living without caring what others think of them.

The adage ‘fortune favors the bold’ is lyrically reiterated by H2theBizza, emphasizing that success is for the brave.

This track features an impressive beat, and that first-class delivery is quite simply hypnotic. The masterful flows, beat, and lyrics blend to provide listeners with a catchy, appealing, and entertaining track.

As the track progresses, H2theBizza shape-shifts in language, voice, and cadence, swiftly and effortlessly delivering each impressive bar and verse with an artful ferocity like a professionally mixed martial arts fighter with his Indian-flavored language in a way that is guaranteed to have you feeling the emotions even when you don’t understand the language.

This is a top-drawer performance that feels perfectly positioned to catapult H2theBizza into the hands of eager fans who want something to fuel their own drive as they put in the work, working hard in the hopes of transforming their dreams into reality.

“Go Getter” is the anthem to push you in your relentless commitment, hard work, and relentless grind because the future holds promising potential.

You have always had to strive to be a powerful creator of your life and a mighty artist around your ambitions, and you should never once relent on your dreams, no matter what.

Already streaming on all the popular platforms, “Go Getter” is the anthem for the summer, and it has already received critical acclaim in such a short time since its release; for example, the track already has over 7K streams on Spotify alone.

To listen to this masterpiece, follow the attached link, and if you feel the vibe, let this track find its way into your favorite playlist.

To stay in H2theBizza’s lane, follow him on Instagram.


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