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Swiftly Emerging Texas Based DJ and Producer Glitch Beats Is Back With Another Stimulating Single Dubbed, “Night Ambience”

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Glitch Beats describes his sound as a distinctive blend between Lofi and EDM. Lofi brings that deep emotional connection while the electronic elements allow more versatility in the sound which results in a personal and emotion-filled signature sound he is happy to call authentically his! By reaching out to a plethora of different listeners from all walks of life, this resourceful producer has harnessed a unique innate competency to put together idiosyncratic sounds and samples, creating high-aptitude soundscapes and breathtaking music, all the while maintaining his consistent brand!

While on his stay in Hawaii enjoying some night hikes, Glitch Beats was deeply inspired by the stillness and quietude the nightlife had to offer and that is how “Night Ambience” came to be. It has been said that many of humanity’s problems stem from their inability to sit quietly in the stillness of voiceless contemplation; – well, this is where “Night Ambience” comes in!

“Night Ambience” has been presented naturally and artificially. The intro is scintillatingly laid back. The blend of Lofi with the electronic components allows for the marriage between nature’s sounds and the hip-hop-like embellished beats creating a relaxing environment of its own from which a listener’s heart finds solace.

There is a great balance achieved with every element in this hypnotic tune and more than anything, the sound emanating from the melodies makes you feel calm, relaxed and joyous; it really is like the induction into a dreamy soundscape where you get to live within the silence and ambience of your own thoughts and the outside nightly world somehow complements everything!

You are more guaranteed a deep connection with “Night Ambience”; it is little wonder why the tune already has over 117 K streams on Spotify alone!

Make hay while the sun still shines by following the attached link so as to stream and add “Night Ambience” as a new favourite soundtrack- after all that you’ve been through, you deserve this masterpiece!


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