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Friends From Church Impressively Delivers in “Handmade Son (*Radio Edit)”

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Friends from Church Handmade Son

Going through life and accepting the fantastic orchestration designed to introduce him to his truest talents in music production and creation; connect him with his most sovereign self and deepen the intimacy with the glorious hero that lives inside of him is Paul Rivard, who goes by one-man show artistic name “Friends from Church”.

Stepping into the music scene as his ultimate highway into freedom, the one-man show that is Friends from Church has been releasing certified pieces from his basement studio based in Ontario, Canada. Tremendous, dignified, and inspiring are what you get from his impressive catalog whose foundation is laid perfectly through three purifying jams: “Handmade Son”, “The Line is Set” and “Old World Revolts in Death Club Sing-along”. In this world, you are at least guaranteed something to heal your soul and nourish your spirits as you inhabit the natural state of unstained heroism engineered by the one true king!

“Handmade Son” is a powerful ballad with some delicate and intense bass rhythms, soaring guitars, bombastic drums, and exceptional vocal commands conjure up a larger than life sound. Friends from Church clearly holds indie rock vibes in high regard, applying precise attention to detail that’s apparent in the luxuriously polished production as well as the period and genre-perfect vocal style and instrumentation!

Mysterious and somewhat nostalgic, “Handmade Son” should undeniably resonate strongly with contemporary and alternative rock fans who appreciate a lot of timeless melodies and fine craftsmanship. This is purely an outstanding production, an excellent mix with great tonal balance. It undoubtedly has that indies sheen to it and it has been fantastically arranged with some wonderful variation and dynamics that are enough to keep a listener heavily invested.

The music video for this track is stellar showmanship of innovation virtuosity with the way the animation concept has been designed. This is what creativity and innovation look like, with the anime cinematography playing through the track and complementing it in both storyline and symbolism! To have an exclusive date with the video, follow the attached link and officially join the cult!

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