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“Fear of the Club” by Matthew Tubens

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A New Jersey singer, producer, and dancer, Matthew Tubens is a true triple threat in the world of music. Drawing from his diverse cultural background and upbringing, Matthew’s sound is a melting pot of styles and influences that defy categorization. In his latest release, “Fear of the Club,” Matthew delves deep into his personal experiences and distaste for the club scene, delivering a raw and honest portrayal of human emotion.

With captivating guitar and piano melodies that resonate with listeners on a profound level, Matthew’s music transcends mere entertainment, offering a window into the complexities of the human experience. Whether you’re nodding along to the groovy beats or reflecting on the deeper meaning behind the lyrics, one thing is clear – Matthew Tubens is an artist to watch. So, if you’re ready to explore the depths of emotion through music, dive into “Fear of the Club” and let Matthew Tubens guide you on a journey of self-discovery and connection.

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