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The Light Verses the Darkness, the Good Versus the Evil; A Listening Experience Born of Power and Deliverance, This Is Fall Guy’s Unique Album “Message of Deliverance”

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Fall Guy Message of Deliverance

The healing and deliverance power of music is vastly underrated, far less understood. Positive mindsets these days are a rare quality even in the entertainment industry. Fall Guy is as unique as his stage name coming to you in his dynamic and refreshing style of Hip hop and rap and carrying an irresistible message of deliverance, to make the light shine once again and defeat evil in the process. And as you allow yourself to listen to his message of hope, experiencing a vicarious slice of the feeling of defeating darkness with light, a sense of stillness in the mind and a perception of peace for the heart overwhelm you in ways words cannot describe. Riding on that momentous brilliance and charismatic inspiration, Fall Guy deemed it fit to test a theory whether the bad guy Comatose Red Ivy will come to the light or will rather die in darkness. “MESSAGE OF DELIVERANCE” is a 10-track compilation that impeccably represents the title. It is an exceptional collection of music with a deep message to refresh the spirit, relax the mind, and above all lead a listener towards the way of the light.


Today, we’re going to spotlight the opening song on the album titled “Comatose Red Ivy (Diss Track) which is a conversational melodic track as Fall Guy confronts the evil guy Comatose Red Ivy with hard-hitting facts about the poor and evil life he is leading and his state of self-destruction that is sure to cast-spell doom in the long run. There is no hope for him by following that destructive path. The track opens up to a crisply done piano sound before breaking down the walls of harmonic convention and taking a deep dive, exploring the heavy hip hop instrumentations to the fullest effect.

Fall Guy brilliantly manages to blend his own unique style of talking over while still managing to maintain the balance of the tonal flow, delivering his true deliverance message to Comatose Red Ivy. It is either he changes or he perishes. In this instance, Comatose Red Ivy has been used figuratively and it is a wake-up call to everyone teetering on the edge of darkness to seek the light before the darkness becomes too much for them and engulfs them in its deep, dark, and unforgiving flames. This is the best meditative listening experience a listener can be treated to and it is a marvelous work that is a huge testament to the elite level of musicianship that Fall Guy possesses. In the end, you have to choose whether to live in the light or die in the darkness.

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